06/18/13 NDE Class Notes


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06/18/13 Class Notes
By David Sunfellow

As always, the class began with a few moments of silence. Then I reported the latest NDE news…


“Loved” by JJ Heller

I started the class by playing this sweet video:

Lyrics to “Loved”
By JJ Heller

Do you dream of a home you never had
An innocence that you cannot get back
The pain is real
You can’t erase it
Sooner or later you have to face it down
You have to face it down

You are loved

Do you keep your thoughts inside your head
Will you regret the things you never said
You have a voice
You have to use it
You have a choice
Don’t let them shut you down
Don’t let them shut you down

You are loved

Do you feel the ache inside your soul
You know you’ll never make it on your own
Sorrow is too great for you to hold it
You’re gonna break
Why don’t you lay it down

Freedom comes in letting go
Open up the window to your heart
Freedom comes in letting go
Open up your heart


NDE Experiencers & Researchers on Twitter

For those of you who are big fans of Twitter, here is a quick list of some of the near-death experiencers and researchers that have pages on Twitter:


@AnitaMoorjani (Anita Moorjani)
@LifeBeyondD (Eben Alexander)
@DharmaTalks (David Bennett)
@NanciDanison (Nanci Danison)
@atOne_now (Jeff Olsen)
@DrRajivParti (Dr. Rajiv Parti)
@NancyEvansBush (Nancy Evans Bush)
@bevbrodsky (Beverly Brodsky)
@maryjorapini (Mary Jo Rapini)
@PMHAtwater (PMH Atwater)
@_NealeDWalsch (Neal Donald Walsch)
@heavenisforreal (Colton Burpo)
@theimmortalnow (Patricia Grabow)
@AlonAnava (Alon Anava)


@IANDS (International Association for Near-Death Studies, Inc.)
@nhneneardeath (NHNE NDE)
@neardeath (Near-Death.com)
@BostonIANDS (Boston IANDS)
@NancyEvansBush (Nancy Evans Bush)
@PMHAtwater (PMH Atwater)
@NDESpace (NDE Space)
@afterlifedata (After Life Data)
@neardeathdoc (Dr. Melvin Moorse)
@skeptiko (Alex Tsakiris – Skeptiko)


New Documentary: ‘Surviving Death, A Documentary’

Next we watched the short version of “Surviving Death, A Documentary,” created by filmmaker Heather Dominguez. I will include the trailer for the film below, but encourage everyone to watch the complete, 12-minute-long video, which is what we watched in class. You can download the complete short version for $2.00 by going here. I urge you to do so, first, because this little preview film is packed with great NDE stories and insights, and second, because your contributions will help Heather bring this important project to fruition.

For more information about this film, check out the film’s Facebook page.


Kevin Moore Interviews NDEr Howard Storm

The remainder of the class was spent watching and discussing the recent interview that NDEr Howard Storm did with Kevin Moore. We watched the first half of this interview last week. In case you missed my notes from last week, they are posted here. Among other things, these notes include some very helpful quotes, insights, suggestions, and related links concerning how we can view hellish experiences, both in this world and on the other side of the veil.

In the second half of this interview, Howard has several very interesting things to say. Beginning at 45:25, Howard talks about the universe being full of life and says that Jesus has visited every world. According to Storm, Jesus appears on other planets in the form of the beings he visits. On Earth, he appeared as a Jewish carpenter. On other planets, he appears as one of them.

Beginning at 55:40, Howard has this to say:

“God’s not particularly interested in our material success in this world, but He’s interested in our relationships — how much we love one another — that’s what God cares about. And if you are doing you’re very best, no matter how humble it is, to love one another, God is EXTREMELY PLEASED with what you are doing.”

To learn more about Howard Storm and his near-death experience, go here.

For more information about hellish and distressing near-death experiences, go here:

NHNE’s Distressing Near-Death Experiences Forum

Near-Death.com on NDEs and Hell

NHNE NDE YouTube Playlist on Hellish and Distressing NDEs

Dancing Past The Dark (Nancy Evans Bush Website)


Within The Mind of Source

Finally, here’s a related quote from near-death experiencer Nanci Danison that I shared in class and promised to include in this update:

“The ‘knowings’ I received while living in the afterlife taught me a new model of our relationship with our Creator. I was shown that Source is an all-loving, and not controlling, immense intelligent energy field with emotions, imagination, and life of its own. Source has an innate personality or set of character traits that are immutable and constitute its ‘core’ consciousness. In addition, Source has created within its own mind all of the personalities/characters that we call ‘souls.’ “

— NDEr Nanci Danison, from her May 7, 2013 newsletter


Future Classes

Our next NDE class will take place on Tuesday, June 18th from 7:00 PM until 8:30 PM at St. Andrew’s (see below for directions).


A Newly Emerging Spiritual Path

“Unlike spiritual paths that arose from the ideas and inner experiences of lone, isolated human beings, the path presented by near-death experiences is emerging as a direct, grassroots revelation that millions of people from all over the world are receiving and sharing. If we explore this newly emerging path deeply enough, we discover that all religions, philosophies, and cultures are honored; that science and spirituality are celebrated; that both the human and spiritual side of our natures are cherished and embraced. In short, near-death experiences present us with a universal, all-inclusive, perfectly integrated spiritual path that revolves around three core truths: 1. We are all one; 2. Love is the essence of life; 3. We are here, in this world, to become perfect embodiments of the divine.”

“The Formula”

“The Formula for Creating Heaven on Earth” or “The Formula” was introduced in David Sunfellow’s two-part YouTube presentation called “How Near-Death Experiences Are Changing The World.” The goal has been to identify the universal truths presented by near-death experiences and wrestle them into “a formula” that we can use to transform our lives. Version 1.0 can be download here (pdf). The Formula’s Circling Worksheet can be downloaded here (pdf).




Donations & Discussions

The materials created for this class are available, free of charge, to whomever is interested. If you would like to support this work, you can make a tax-deductible donation by clicking here. If you would like to participate in conversations with other people who share an interest in this work, we encourage you to join The Mustard Seed Venture Network. This ongoing, evolving, cutting-edge work is co-sponsored by NewHeavenNewEarth (NHNE) and The Mustard Seed Venture.


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