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06/11/13 Class Notes
By David Sunfellow

As always, the class began with a few moments of silence. Then I reported the latest NDE news…


Anita Moorjani Posters

Jerry Foster has created a series of prints with quotes from NDEr Anita Moorjani. Anita writes:

“I love Jerry’s art because it’s fun and joyful, and Jerry has created a set of prints with my quotes on them, which are currently being sold through Zua Zua Studios… Should you wish to purchase any of the prints with my quotes, 100% of my share of the profits will go to The Somaly Mam Foundation.”



For more information about Anita Moorjani, go here. To watch Anita’s Sedona talk, go here.


The Near-Death Experience of Dr. Rajiv Parti

Another doctor, this time a cardiac-anesthesiologist who was Chief of Anesthesiology at Heart Hospital in Bakersfield, California, is reporting a dramatic near-death experience. According to Dr. Rajiv Parti, his near-death experience took place in 2010. Among other things, it included:

• An out-of-body experience

• The ability to be in two different locations at the same time — in Los Angeles where his body was and also in India where his mother and sister were getting ready to make dinner

• A trip to hell

• An awareness of how his self-centered, materialistic lifestyle had produced his hellish experience

• An encounter with his deceased father and grandfather

• An encounter with two angels

• An encounter with God

• An awareness that two past lives embodied the lessons he was learning this life

• An awareness of his mission in life

• And, finally, an introduction to “A Course In Miracles”

You can read about Dr. Parti’s near-death experience here or here.

Here’s a brief excerpt from Dr. Parti’s NDE that echoes what many other NDErs have said about hell and hellish realms — namely, that these realms tend to be a dramatic out-picturings of what can happen to us on the other side of the veil if selfish and materialistic tendencies dominate our lives, thoughts, emotions, and behaviors in this world:

“With my awareness still in the operating room, I could simultaneously hear conversations happening far away: I heard a conversation between my mother and sister, talking about what they were going to prepare for dinner that night. They were going to have rice, vegetables, yogurt and legumes. They were in India. It was pretty cold, foggy and frigid there, people where bundled up, as there was no central heating. My family was using small electric heater. From this I understood that it made no difference if people were near of far away: my awareness was everywhere simultaneously.

“I would love to say that my awareness then moved into a very serene love filled space, to be with the presence of an all loving, forgiving entity. But to begin with, I am afraid it was not so.

“My awareness moved from the physical world of the operating theater in LA and the kitchen conversation in India to a place where a great wild fire was raging.

“Dark entities with crooked teeth, with two horns were running about. I saw me being taken to this place screaming and fighting. There was persistent lightning in dark clouds as a perpetual fierce storm raged. There was the smell of meat burning. It did not take much of my awareness to realize that I was in Hell. It was excruciatingly painful. I could hear other souls screaming and suffering. Needles were being poked in to me and I was being badly tortured. I was made to lie on a bed made of nails. Blood was oozing from various wounds. I kept wondering what did I do, what karmas…, or past lives I did to deserve the punishment.

“As I experienced this horror, I began to have the strong awareness that the life I lived could be described as very materialistic: it was always about me; when I met someone, I was always asking myself ‘what can I get from this person’.

“The truth dawned on me in Hell that the life I was living on earth was without love. I was not practicing compassion or forgiveness towards myself or others and had an unpalatable tendency to be especially harsh towards people that I perceived to be lower than me in social or professional status or hierarchies. I remember feeling deeply sorry for the lack of kindness in my behavior, and wishing I could do things differently.

“Immediately that these realizations became crystal clear to me, this place — Hell — began to fade away. My father appeared, with his father at his side. My father took my hand and guided me toward a tunnel. At the end of the tunnel was glowing white light. As I moved through the tunnel, it was as if time and space disappeared…


Kevin Moore Interviews NDEr Howard Storm

After briefly telling the class about Dr. Parti’s near-death experience, we launched into the main event: NDEr Howard Storm talking about his near-death experience, which features one of the most famous trips to hell ever recorded. We watched the first half of the video and stopped to talk several times about some of the things that Howard shared. Here are a few important insights that emerged:

1. In the same way that this world exists, so, too, do hellish realms. The main difference is that they often feel MORE REAL, MORE INTENSE, and MORE FRIGHTENING than anything in this world.

2. While near-death experiences make it clear that we create our experiences, they also make it clear that we create many experiences in cooperation with other souls. In other words, in the same way that planet earth and all the countries, states, cities, neighborhoods, and communities here are created by groups of like-minded souls, so, too, are darker places. We are also drawn, magnetically, to the people, places, and circumstances that are at levels of development similar to our own.

3. The words, thoughts, feelings, and deeds we express in this world are magnified on the other side of life. Loving thoughts, feelings, and deeds are magnified a thousand fold; likewise for unloving ones.

4. If we find ourselves in hellish realms, there are tried and proven things we can do to move beyond them:

– Control our emotions. Instead of getting swept away in the extremely frightening drama of it all, we should strive to watch and listen; to become mindful; to take a witness perspective; to befriend our enemies (who are also part of God); to attempt to embrace the experience and learn the lessons it has to teach. If we can do that, there is the possibility of being released from it as Dr. Parti was when he realized why he had attracted a hellish experience to himself. Or said another way, when we can see how and why we have ended up in negative circumstances, negative circumstances will loose their hold on us and we can begin to manifest healthier ones.

– Many people who experience hellish NDEs report that the beings that occupy these realms feed on pain, distress, and suffering. Howard Storm, for example, talks about how the beings he encountered were energized and emboldened by his frantic, fearful efforts to fight them.

– Many people who experience hellish NDEs, including Howard Storm, also report that looking up and calling out for God’s help is an effective way to break the power of dark realms.

In case it isn’t obvious, these ideas can also be applied to the challenging situations we encounter in this world. The principles are the same. Be calm. Face our fears. Ask for God’s help. View the monsters that come knocking on our doors as teachers and angels. They’ve come with lessons that we need to learn. Here’s a quote from Jeff Olsen’s book that I shared in last week’s class that beautifully illustrate these ideas:

“As I slept, I dreamed I was drowning. The current was whisking me away uncontrollably. In desperation, I reached for anything to hold on to, a branch, a reed, or even just grass. The water was rushing over me, pulling me swiftly down stream. I continued to scramble, holding my breath. I thrashed in the current in absolute panic. Suddenly, over the sound of water rushing into my ears, I thought to stand up, to stop thrashing and stand up in the water. I stopped fighting the current and let it carry me. I became calmer. I let my legs sink down beneath me and felt them plant on a solid riverbed. I calmly stood up in the water to find that I was really only three or four feet deep. With my feet on firm ground, I was able to withstand the current. I felt the water rush around my waste and chest. All I had to do was stand up in the water and the threat disappeared.

“ As I stood there, my hands dragging in the current as the water rushed by, I realized how simple my self-rescue had been. I wasn’t drowning at all. The water wasn’t even that deep. I stood there in my dream, having shifted from absolute panic to complete peace.”

In a nut shell, that’s what life is like. When we panic and begin thrashing around, we make things worse. When, on the other hand, we are calm and centered in God, the waters of life, even those that initially look dangerous, become manageable. We are, after all, eternal, indestructible beings made in the image and likeness of God. Nothing, in this world or any other, can actually harm us. We can, of course, scare the daylights out of ourselves. And keep ourselves locked up in all kinds of dungeons. But the keys are always in our pockets.

To learn more about Howard Storm and his near-death experience, go here.

For more information about hellish and distressing near-death experiences, go here:

NHNE’s Distressing Near-Death Experiences Forum

Near-Death.com on NDEs and Hell

NHNE NDE YouTube Playlist on Hellish and Distressing NDEs

Dancing Past The Dark (Nancy Evans Bush Website)


Future Classes

Our next NDE class will take place on Tuesday, June 18th from 7:00 PM until 8:30 PM at St. Andrew’s (see below for directions).


A Newly Emerging Spiritual Path

“Unlike spiritual paths that arose from the ideas and inner experiences of lone, isolated human beings, the path presented by near-death experiences is emerging as a direct, grassroots revelation that millions of people from all over the world are receiving and sharing. If we explore this newly emerging path deeply enough, we discover that all religions, philosophies, and cultures are honored; that science and spirituality are celebrated; that both the human and spiritual side of our natures are cherished and embraced. In short, near-death experiences present us with a universal, all-inclusive, perfectly integrated spiritual path that revolves around three core truths: 1. We are all one; 2. Love is the essence of life; 3. We are here, in this world, to become perfect embodiments of the divine.”

“The Formula”

“The Formula for Creating Heaven on Earth” or “The Formula” was introduced in David Sunfellow’s two-part YouTube presentation called “How Near-Death Experiences Are Changing The World.” The goal has been to identify the universal truths presented by near-death experiences and wrestle them into “a formula” that we can use to transform our lives. Version 1.0 can be download here (pdf). The Formula’s Circling Worksheet can be downloaded here (pdf).




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