05/14/13 NDE Class Notes


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05/14/13 Class Notes
By David Sunfellow

As always, the class began with a few moments of silence. Then I reported the latest NDE news…


The VisionQuest Game


In between this class and our last class, five members of our local NDE class got together to play The VisionQuest Game. Developing the ability to receive guidance from Spirit is a critical part of work we are doing together. Most of our efforts have gone into learning how to use dreams to provide guidance, insight, and inspiration. But The VisionQuest is another very powerful tool. So we spent a few minutes allowing people to report on the experiences they had with this remarkable game.


2013 IANDS Conference


The 2013 International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS) Conference will take place August 29 – September 1 at the Sheraton Crystal City Hotel in Arlington, Virginia. Featured speakers include Eben Alexander, MD (neurosurgeon and near-death experiencer, author of Proof of Heaven), Anita Moorjani (near-death experiencer and cancer survivor, author of Dying to Be Me), Mary Neal, MD (orthopedic surgeon and near-death experiencer, author of To Heaven and Back), ill Guggenheim (author of Hello From Heaven), and PMH Atwater (author of The Rest of the Story).

For more information, go here.


The Formula for Creating Heaven on Earth

After using last week’s class to talk about the history of The Formula, we used this week to start working our way through The Formula’s chart, explaining what everything meant. Since almost every aspect of The Formula (and corresponding chart) sparked lively comments, we only made it through the first three circles: Connect with God, Feel God’s Love for Us, and Love Others via Daily Acts of Kindness. We’ll continue working our way through the rest of the circles in future meetings. See below for copies of The Formula and The Formula’s Circling Worksheet.


Future Classes

Our next NDE class will take place on Tuesday, May 21st from 7:00 PM until 8:30 PM at St. Andrew’s (see below for directions).


A Newly Emerging Spiritual Path

“Unlike spiritual paths that arose from the ideas and inner experiences of lone, isolated human beings, the path presented by near-death experiences is emerging as a direct, grassroots revelation that millions of people from all over the world are receiving and sharing. If we explore this newly emerging path deeply enough, we discover that all religions, philosophies, and cultures are honored; that science and spirituality are celebrated; that both the human and spiritual side of our natures are cherished and embraced. In short, near-death experiences present us with a universal, all-inclusive, perfectly integrated spiritual path that revolves around three core truths: 1. We are all one; 2. Love is the essence of life; 3. We are here, in this world, to become perfect embodiments of the divine.”

“The Formula”

“The Formula for Creating Heaven on Earth” or “The Formula” was introduced in David Sunfellow’s two-part YouTube presentation called “How Near-Death Experiences Are Changing The World.” The goal has been to identify the universal truths presented by near-death experiences and wrestle them into “a formula” that we can use to transform our lives. Version 1.0 can be download here (pdf). The Formula’s Circling Worksheet can be downloaded here (pdf).




Donations & Discussions

The materials created for this class are available, free of charge, to whomever is interested. If you would like to support this work, you can make a tax-deductible donation by clicking here. If you would like to participate in conversations with other people who share an interest in this work, we encourage you to join The Mustard Seed Venture Network. This ongoing, evolving, cutting-edge work is co-sponsored by NewHeavenNewEarth (NHNE) and The Mustard Seed Venture.


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